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ONPOC - Ontario Probe Owners Club
Big time Thug Gangstas wit da Ford Probe - Packing heat
Honda Boy : Yo bra, Let's be rac'n this shit yo wit nawz

Honda Boy 2 : No way dawg, that shit be from Onpoc. They dope fast

Honda Boy : My bad dawg, Those be the shit
by Sleekpowa May 08, 2004

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Originated in Canada - Known also as Paul Sr

Traits are tremendous releases of gas without warning, and profane langauge. Also, look for Milwaukee's best in the vacinity
Jr : Oh gawd, it's VaGiGi coming up again
SW : That's great, VaGiGi kicks ass
JP : He's going to bitch about something
RS : I want a Shocker from him

Pauls SR : Hey, the bitches are here *fart*
by Sleekpowa May 08, 2004

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