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Singer and actress best known for joining Destiny's Child in 2000.

Vocal ability wise, she was really the #2 chick in the group.

Criminally underrated.

Slayed the gospel charts in 2002 and 2004 then the dance charts in 2008 but is yet to crossover and dominate the mainstream.

Released 3 solo albums thus far, 2 gospel (Heart to Yours, Do You Know) and one pop (Unexpected).

Best known solo recordings include "We Break the Dawn", "The Greatest", "Heard a Word", "Do You Know" and "Hello Heartbreak"
1: Michelle Williams
2: Who?
1: You know the one from Destiny's Child?
2: Beyonce?
1: No...
2: Kelly?
1: No...
2: Oh, the other one
1: ¬_¬
by Slaynitra December 23, 2011

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