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A tall, skinny, awkward, person that is known to have a very small penis and has nervous twiches similar to "tic attacks" which comes from having minor touerrettes or somthing like touerettes. tic tac tylers often like to party once and awhile but dont have a reputation as a partier. when tic tac tylers have theyre nervous outburst its refered to as "tic tac attacks".
person 1: "dude that kid seems like a tweaker!"
person 2: "why?"
person 1: "hes all flintchy and he like twiches and spazzes out randomly all the time, its like hes on meth or has tourettes or some shit and i heard he has a tiny dick!"

person 2: "oh dude hes a tic tac tyler, and that spazzing you were talking about is when tic tac tylers have tic tac attacks!"
person 1: "oh okay."
by SlangDefiner.com January 02, 2011

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