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the real definition of "splonking" is observing caves. Well think of that in the same sense but with a dirty mind. A guy observing or more a girls 'cave' is splonking.
So were you a splonker last night?
Yeah but as i was splonking, her mom walked in, which ended up causing her to sploosh in my face. it was delicious.
by Skooby Snack March 12, 2008
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when you have to take a dump and it is "prarie dogging"...meaning the poop is slightly moving in and out of the butthole, where you feel you may "pinch" one off early...i guess til you can hold no longer and make it to a bathroom or unfortunately shit your pants...unless you like that sorta thing.
Ugh...i have been holding in this turd for so long. I think im clickin my BiC.
Click your BiC?
Yeah Clickin my BiC...try It! jk. No where your turd just wants to pop out and say ello mate!
by Skooby Snack February 26, 2008
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