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A term used to describe titties that are usually bigger than a pomegranate but smaller than a watermelon. Keep in mind that in this case, the tits are NOT saggy. The term "deflated" just means they are squishier than usual.
Person A: Did you hear about Hendrik's new girlfriend? I heard she has deflated soccer ball tits.

Person B: What a lucky bastard! Those sort of tits are the best!
Person A: No way! The best tits are the inverted inflated infusiblenesses tits!
by Skizzers sucks May 7, 2019
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The best last name to ever come into existence named after the popular YouTube Skizzers, better than santos or macey. Those names suck
Hey did you hear about that Rogers-tillstone guy?
Yeah I heard he fucked both our moms in a huge threesome and used the sex position "Skizzers" on them.
by Skizzers sucks November 8, 2017
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