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WARNING. MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS. Depending on how far you are in the anime.

The Rasengan is a techinque used by Naruto Uzumaki, Jarayia the toad sage (Also known as Pervy sage), and Minato Namikaze, the fourth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village.

The techinque was first created by the fourth hokage, but he wasn't able to fully devolop it before his death. When Jarayia taught Naruto the move, he was able to fully devolop it, and make many more techinque varitions from it, such as the Giant Rasengan, and the Wind-Rasenshuriken.

The Rasengan is a ball of pure swirling chakra, condensed down to the perferred size, and held in ones hand. Jarayia could form it with one hand, however in Naruto's case, he still has to make a shadow clone to form the Rasengan.

Unlike the Chidori, (Lightening blade, or one thousand chirping birds) which uses massive amounts of chakra, and requires some level of Lightening style attack training, the Rasengan can be used several times in a battle, and would only require an above-average, if not basic level of chakra-control.

With devastating power, the Rasengan is also believed to be more powerful than the Chidori, it also doesn't require any hand signs, so it can be used at a moments notice. All this makes the Rasengan the ultimate weapon.

Random mofo: Its over now, kid!
Naruto: *Makes a shadow clone, and busts out the Rasengan*

Random mofo: Oh, crap! Its that kid from the leaf village! Run for your lives!

Naruto: Yeah! That'll teach you to mess with me!

And thats how I'd picture how some of his battles go.
by Skittykitty February 28, 2013
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Omnistrife is an animator that posted his works on Youtube. Hes famous among his followers for making the parody series, Fun With Akatsuki, and Fun With Akatsuki X.
A made up character thats a favorite, is Crispy, Itachi's bunny rabbit.

Said to only make his flashes with Paint and a Strawberry, (??) Hes a very good animator. He used his own voice for all of the characters.
Sadly, after going to war, Omnistrife passed away. R.I.P.
Hes been featured in some other Naruto parody flashes, most often by those who did their own FWA series, after being inspired by Omnistrife.

Though there was some disputes about whether he died or not, I'm quite sure he is.
Omnistrife was an animtor, creator of Fun With Akatsuki, and Crispy.
by SkittyKitty March 25, 2013
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