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Same as "horhorhor" when MG says it to Skary.

This only applies when MG says it to Skary, doesn't mean anything when MG says it to anyone else.
MG: Horhor
Skary: When ahhhh? Now laaaa~
by Skaryskaryskary October 22, 2023
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When someone's too busy/tired and forgot to greet the friend with "my dearest" and tries to substitute with such shorter abbreviation.
by Skaryskaryskary August 11, 2023
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Trying to act cool when someone ought to show more affection.
Skary: *does something super nice*
MG: mehhh
Skary: angry ahhhh
by Skaryskaryskary September 20, 2023
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when MG forgot to be extra nice to his dearest and needs to be extra extra nice.
MG: tumtumtumtum
by Skaryskaryskary September 13, 2023
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MG says to Skary when he wants hugging Skary or pecking Skary. This only applies to when MG says to Skary, meaning nothing when he says it to others.
MG: horhorhor
Skary: Nowwww~
by Skaryskaryskary October 21, 2023
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Skary says when feeling MG doesn't remember Skary and MG hasn't reached out to Skary for a longggggggg time, Skary feels lack of love and attention.
Skary: DSYYY
MG: wheeeeee
Skary: weiyaaaa..!

MG: tumtum my Dearest~
by Skaryskaryskary October 1, 2023
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Stands for "Dai Sui Yun" of Skary, which is MG.
also stands for "Does Say Yes" coz MG would do anything for Skary.
Skary: DSYYY
MG: Yes~ my Dearesttt
by Skaryskaryskary September 27, 2023
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