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A "game" named after a drink.

Two chopsticks are placed parallel on top of a glass of beer, and then a shot glass of sake is placed on top.

The drinker then says "Sake, sake, sake..." and then hits the table hard, saying "bomb!" pretending to have a good time.

The sake then falls into the beer, and the drinker drinks it immediately.

Plenty of people pretend like sake bombing is some kind of fun game, when really they just want to look cool for playing a drinking game (when really it isn't remotely a game at all).
Person A: Hey, do you want to hang out today?

Person B: No, I am actually going sake bombing. I say that because I think that I'm a better person than you, and actually the best part about sake bombing is telling you that I'm doing it. It isn't actually remotely fun, and any person who does it and tells people about it just wants attention.
by Six Pages February 19, 2010
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