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Cocktwaddler, Cock Twaddler. both are acceptable.

Kok-twah-dler. (n) 1. one who regularly sticks their hand down their pants in public to readjust their penis and/or scrotum from an uncomfortable position within their undershorts, or in the case of going commando, avoiding a potential Zipper Incident. ; 2. (n) A device used for male masturbation can also be described as a cocktwaddler.
1.) *Jim reaches down his pants and adjusts his junk*
Bill: Oh god, Jim, dude don't fucking be a cocktwaddler.. go wash your fuckin' hands man..

2.) A Fleshlight can also be called a cocktwaddler.
Husband: Honey, where's my cocktwaddler?
Wife: Hell if I know, you pervert!
by Sire Furious May 18, 2011

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