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A prided and very complicated sex position involving two males, a hermaphrodite, and one female. In this truly magical union, the hermaphrodite is required to be having anal sex with the female while another male is having vaginal sex with himher. The female and the other male are having oral sex with each other.

This truly unique and rare occurence got its name when two American explorers first landed in Peru. They had just embarked on an extremely long voyage and had not seen a woman in a long time. Unfortunately they landed in Peru in the middle of the night and could not see the prostitutes that greeted them very well, this caused a misunderstanding when a chihuahua with a birth defect wandered by. The dog was grabbed and added to

their foursome. When they woke up the next morining after the best sex of their lives, they realized what had happened, thus forming great stories to tell

their fellow americans.

This technique has not since been performed with a hermaphrodidic dog because to find one is much harder than to find a hermaphrididic human but if a dog is available it is encouraged to add them to the mix and make the position all the more exciting.
Person 1: Yo I just did the peruvian dog

Person 2: Holy circumcision! Woah! You're my IDOL..
by Sir Alexander Wiley III September 24, 2009

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