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One of the most popular ships in the anime “Boku No Hero Academia”, and is very popular in the gay fandom. Many people who ship TodoDeku also ship KiriBaku and MomoJirou(idrk the ship name for this one)
Weeb: Who do you ship in bnha?
Weeb wannabe: Deku x Ochaco and Todoroki x Momo
Weeb: What those are like so basic but its ur opinion ig
Weeb wannabe: Fine who do u ship them
Weeb: My otps are tododeku kiribaku and Momo x Jirou
Weeb wannabe: but those are gay...
by SimpingWeeb September 18, 2020
A ship between Izuku Midoriya and Ochaco Uraraka from the anime “Boku No Hero Academia”, aka “My Hero Academia”. It’s a very popular ship, as is TodoDeku, BakuDeku, KiriBaku, and TodoMomo. Many people ship it because it’s halfway canon.
Person 1: Hey do you ship IzuOcha
Person 2: Nah that’s kinda basic ngl, I ship Tododeku and Kiribaku
Person 1: oh ok. I ship IzuOcha and TodoMomo
Person 2: bruh they’re so basic tho
by SimpingWeeb September 18, 2020