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1. A person that is likable in all areas BUT starting any sort of serious relationship with them.

2. Someone you tell all your dark secrets to, bounce ideas off of, or ask for advice in any topic because they're always listening, and there for you when you need them; often thought of as a homosexual - but not.
Female 1: "I've been feeling a lot better since {insert random male name here} and I have been talking... He listens and has such good feedback!"

Female 2: "So your falling for him then?"

Female 1: "Oh gosh, no, not at all! Why would you say that?"

Female 2: "Ahh, I see, he's your safe friend too then. Yeah, I always bounce stuff off of him... good guy... do you think he's gay?"

Female 1: "I don't think so... he asked me out but I just said that it wouldn't feel right and declined..."

Female 2: "Yeah..."
by Sillick April 04, 2011
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1. A statement used to cause delay and panic in nearby listeners. 2. A canned phrase to cause instant awkwardness to all in the immediate conversation.

Note: Can be interchanged with phrases such as that's what she said, and doesn't always have to be used with "and" at the front.
Person 1: "Hey, so I saw one of those AWESOME green saint patty's day wigs today at the store and tried it on. Did I say that it was awesome yet?!?"

Person 2: "...That's how I got lice."


Person 1: *walks into conversation by Person 2 and 3*

Person 2: "...And that's when she went all buck wild on me. Her hair was EVERYWHERE!"

Person 3: "That's pretty awesome!"

Person 1: "And that's how I got lice..."
by Sillick March 02, 2011
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