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A best friend is not only someone you have a good time with, it is also someone you trust your life with. A best friend is the first person you call when the most amazing things happen in your life, and when the most horrific incidents happen. You know that no matter what they have your back. A best friend is like real family. A best friend is the one who tells you the things you absolutely need to hear regardless of whether you want to hear it or not.

A best friend is the person you usually can be around always and never get sick of. A best friend is the one who will forgive you always, even when you've screwed up so bad. And a best friend is the one who even though you may have drifted apart from, when the time comes for them to hug you or congratulate you on an accomplishment or to console you on a loss.. They will be there with open arms. They are the person you've confided the most in and they are the person who knows you the best .. even when you both have changed.
by Silently speaking July 27, 2012

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