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A fancy way of saying idiot. It is theorized that it is actually a new species of human, the Dufus Ignoramus, said to be found in your everyday locations. It is said that once found, the Dufus Ignoramus will become self concious, and escalate from the Dufus Ignoramus to the Dufus Ignoramus maximus, a much more saucy and ignorant version of the initial one.
George: Dude, john is such a dufus ignoramus, yesterday, i saw him standing in aisle seven with his pants on the ground while arguing with the store manager about how flamingos need a new habitat.

Frank: The manager was lucky there wasnt an audience, or else he would've gotten inflamed and told him that his cheese sticks arent ripe yet, and then he would attempt to become a bear.
by Silent walrus June 10, 2010
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