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The act of purposely acting completely awkward in order to make someone feel uncomfortable. This usually includes using the double sarcasm method, meaning the perpetrator delves so deep into sarcasm that nobody knows whether or not the blainer is being serious or if they are trying to crack a joke.

It may also include performing lewd activities to ruin people's conversations such walking up, placing your leg on the table, and fondling your penis.
Bro A: "Hey man what are you doin' tonight? Gettin' fucked up?"

Blainer: " Tssssss.....probably just gonna stay in ya know....make out with dudes." *As he fondles his penis*

*Blainer leaves room*

Bro A: "Dude, what the fuck was that?"

Bro B: "........blainin' hard."
by SigEpic May 20, 2010

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