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A Myspace thug is someone who talks big over Myspace but will never actually act out their grandiose threats. Generally a female who has found out that her boyfriend has been sending messages to another girl on Myspace will begin threatening the other female in the hopes that the girl will stop sending messages to her boyfriend. Sometimes the 'other female' is the one who begins threatening the girlfriend of the guy she's been conversing with just for fun.
2 Sexxii 4 U sends a message to Ur MAN WaNtS ME! after she hijacks her boyfriend's account and find out that they've been messaging each other for weeks.

*2 Sexxii 4 U: Why are you sending messages to my boyfriend?
*Ur MAN WaNtS ME!: First of all your man starting sending me messages first!
*2 Sexxii 4 U: Listen up bitch, you'd better stop talking to him before I find you and beat your ass!
*Ur MAN WaNtS ME!: I'm not afraid of you! Meet me in the park at 8 o'clock tonight and we'll settle this!
*2 Sexxii 4 U: Oh I'll be there. You'd better be ready because I'm going to beat you so bad you skanky bitch!

(8:30p.m in the park)Ur MAN WaNtS ME! is patiently waiting. Finally she begins to walk back home. "I knew she wouldn't show up. She's just a Myspace thug!"
by Sids4Less August 24, 2008

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A Nichelle is usually a female who has low self-esteem and resorts to stealing other females' images on Myspace to create a completely new identity on Myspace for themselves. Generally almost 30 years of age, this person will pass herself off as much younger as the stolen pictures usually suggest. The images they steal are of females that are usually way better looking than they are so they will try to make up stories for them that are usually degrading (i.e. telling someone that they have sex for money). A Nichelle will sometimes use the stolen images to try and mimic their victim (i.e. use the same name as the person they stole the images from, or same occupation, etc.). A Nichelle will keep her profile 'private' so that not everyone can see her page, only the selected few who actually believes that they are conversing with the female in the pictures.
Evan from Indiana has been talking with 'Makayla' for days now and can't believe his luck. She's super hot, a model and she likes him. Sadly, one day one while browsing Myspace, Evan comes across a girl from California who looks just like 'Makayla' only she has over a hundred pictures in her album as opposed to 'Makayla's' twenty and everybody on her page is calling her Roxanne. He even sees in the background on one of Roxanne's pictures that there's a sign saying HAPPY 21ST ROXANNE! strung across the side of a jet ski. When he sends 'Makayla' a message asking her about it she promptly deletes him from her friend list and blocks him from sending her anymore messages.

Evan: "Man, who knew she was just another 'Nichelle' like almost every hot chick on Myspace is?"
by Sids4Less August 24, 2008

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