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N. from the cornish for wee queen of waz. an individual from which eminates a crippling stench not disimiliar to the odour of a rancid old peoples home.
the slurry pit was putrid but its stench was nothing when compared to that of a flemming
by Shug Avery November 29, 2004

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Adj: a slimey, perverse individual who enjoys looking at young kids and his own sister.
Verb: the act of Brayery; looking at kids, preferably whilst they are aspleep
Noun: a being in possession of all obesity
Adj: god, gary glitter is such a Bray
Verb: Mathew Kelly frequently indulges in Brayery
Noun:Lisa Riley aka Bray
by Shug Avery November 24, 2004

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