3 definitions by Shoeshiner

The code name you give your crush as you and a friend decide how your gonna initiate a plan of action
“Yo dude which one of us is gonna go for radiator?”
Random guy: “who the fuck is radiator?”
*executes him*
by Shoeshiner November 10, 2019
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Two jacked men, white and black with allergies for shirts and their cool keyboard playing friend make the greatest music of all time whilst smoking copious amounts of amphetamines
“I was listening to Death Grips and now I’m so noided I can’t even open my webcam”
by Shoeshiner September 27, 2020
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Common word which is associated with the furry culture, those who say this un-ironically can legally be shot 36 times in their own home
*unloads mag*
by Shoeshiner November 10, 2019
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