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After you have anal sex with a girl that ate hot peppers and get a seed stuck in your pee hole, causing undesirable burning and irration.
I thought my sunburn was painful until I had a Urethra Franklin.
by Shitonmytits January 23, 2017

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A tattoo located on a women's lower back, but instead of a butterfly or flower it's a portrait of Trumps orange douche face!
Every time Trump says or does something stupid I let my boyfriend blow his load on my trump stamp... needless to say I am always in need of a shower and my boyfriends balls are completely dried up
by Shitonmytits April 08, 2017

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A bigger clown than any other from any circus in history, Ronald McDonald Trump is a huge(pronounced youuge by his truly)racist, misogynist, lying, pussy grabbing, stupid faced, tax evading, wall building, alternative facting oompah loompah looking douche!! A bar set too high for any aspiring future clowns, unless of course you want to be funny and make people happy, than just drop the Trump and be Ronald McDonald!
What do Ronald McDonald Trump, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Bin Laden have in common.... EVERYTHING!!!
by Shitonmytits February 03, 2017

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