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1)Giving oral satisfaction to a woman below her waist i.e kissing the lips that dont have the teeth.
2)Oral sex on a woman
A kiss is deadly if you mean it, a Southern Kiss is deadlier if she feels it.
by Shinshoryuken January 14, 2006

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This stands for "One-Night-Stand" and is used by some males to inform thier friends what they think of certain women in the club.
Check her out!! She is definately an ONS I wouldnt mind havin tonite!
by Shinshoryuken January 13, 2006

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1)A man that has no problems being sensual(cuddling, carressing) or close with women yet draws the line when it comes to being intimate (kissing, intercourse, oral satisfaction) with just ANY lady. Has respect for himself and his chosen lady to be intimate with the one that he deams worthy.
2)The "Grown-Up" version of a holla back boy.
EX: When I was a kid, I was a holla back boy. Now imma man and I am a Holla Back Guy for just my lady.
by Shinshoryuken January 13, 2006

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