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A phenomenon in which the resting face lacks animation and appears to look bitchy at all times, thus leading people to believe a person must be upset, a snob or a bitch.
Comments people with resting bitchface are eternally plagued by:

"What's wrong? Are you okay?"

"Are you mad?/Sad/Depressed?"

"You know...Before I got to know you personally I thought you would be a snobby bitch."

"I bet you're the type of girl who has a major temper when you get mad."

"Why don't you smile more?"

"Why don't you cheer up?"
How we respond: "I'm fine...honestly." " No, nothing is wrong." "Yes, I'm sure."

How we want to respond: "IT'S JUST HOW MY FACE LOOKS, YOU ASSHOLES."
by ShimmyShimmyCocoLoco May 29, 2015

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A growing movement among women particularly, in which the angry, overweight/obese woman openly and obnoxiously displays arrogance and pride in her fatness to compensate for her lack of self-discipline and internal disdain of her obesity.
Karen asked her personal trainer neighbor Jenny for advice on how to start a weight loss plan. Hefty Tracy overheard Jenny giving Karen advice and angrily stomped toward the pair to exclaim "Not everyone wants to be thin, bitch! I love my obesity and you couldn't pay me one million dollars to change it! Thin is not realistic, or attractive so why don't you take your anorexic advice and stuff a brownie in it you piece of shit!" Tracy had major fattitude.
by ShimmyShimmyCocoLoco May 17, 2015

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