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One of my favorite bands. They have so many great songs. The whole fuckin band is fuckable. The lead singer (Sonny Moore) is now 17. He was born on January 15, 1988. That's for everyone down there who said he was 15.
From First To Last is a great band.
by Shelbie August 10, 2005

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the only 40 year old i eyeball, hottest man alive.
Birth name: John Christopher Depp
Birthday: June 9, 1963
Birth Place: Owensboro, Kentucky
Greatest Movie: Pirates of the Carribean
Movies I've Seen: Pirates of the Carribean, Sleepy Hollow, Nightmare on Elm Street, Secret Window, and Edward Scissorhands

10 things that are awesome about hin

-He has got the nicest cheekbones I've ever seen.
-Awesome style, looks good in anything he wears
-Firey Hot Voice
-Sexy Man
-hes JOHNNY DEPP! need i say more?
-good actor
-he was voted by People Magazine as sexiest man alive
-He's got nice abs
-Great Smile
-Im have a fan club of him. Wanna Join?

Ashley: Look It's Johnny Depp!
Shelbie: -faints-
Ashley: -faints
Tiff: -faints
Scott: I'm Not Gay - runs away
Levi: -sulks about- I love linzy!
Linzy: Johnny Depp is ugly
Johnny Depp: -slaps linzy-
by Shelbie June 10, 2004

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