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Unlike what people might say, goths are not depressed people, in fact they're people tha CAN see beauty even in some places that normal, stupid people can't, for example death.

they look like old school real punks, but with a darkes sense of fashion: black clothes, piercings, chains, grose hairstyles and other things may caractrize them.
Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus was goth: she was always wearing black and she didn't despise death... haha just kiding.

Evanesence are NOT goth

Lacrimosa and Rosseta Stone are examples of gothic music
by Sheishop August 11, 2007

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A place where they lie to you saying that it's mexican food, well it doesn't, these are crunchy tortillas with chilly, the normal taco are with other kind of meats (and even other tortillas... at last everyone is crazy) and are NOT crunchy tortillas the crunchy tortillas are called tostadas (like toasts, but these are made of tortillas, not bread)

oh! btw, the quesadillas doesn't have chease!!!
-Hey man, i want some tacos
-do you want some real tacos, or false tacos
-hum... false would be okay!
-Lets go to taco bell!
by Sheishop August 11, 2007

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