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A pathetic hack typical nu-metal band named after your poop chute. Most often seen in ridiculous makeup & costumes (similar to Slipknot's mask/jumpsuit gimmick) because they're as embarrassed to be playing that crap as you should be for liking it.
No matter what you try to tell me that "Mudvayne" stands for, it's just a 'kewl' re-spelling of "mud vein", which is your rectum and asshole. The band is named after something shit comes out, which is appropriate since the only thing I've heard from them is also pure shit.
by Shave it and I'll Eat it! January 08, 2008

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An overrated folk/multi-genre performer/vocalist for which the appreciation of whom has become a prerequisite for any lesbian seeking acceptance from others in the dyke community. Most often found overheard at Feminazi circle jerks along with indigo girls songs, most often while bashing the straight community and bitching about not being accepted for trying to look like a 13 year old boy. Ani herself seems pretty cool, but her fans make some apathetic to her.
You will never hear an overtly-aggressive lesbian say anything bad about Ani DiFranco. In fact, she is worshipped like a goddess by them which makes no sense since she's not REALLY gay. But oh well, liking women who look like men/boys doesn't really scream with sense either.
by Shave it and I'll Eat it! January 07, 2008

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