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A ridiculously stupid idea that the U.S. government made up, trying to be our parents and forgetting that Prohibition didn't work and never will. The minimum drinking age in the United States is 21, nevermind that 18-year-olds can vote and serve in the army. And yet, The U.S. still has the highest amount of youth drinking problems in the world! This should be changed. Write to your Senator today.
My husband and I went on our honeymoon when he came back from Iraq, but we couldn't drink because we are only 20 years old, and the minimum drinking age is 21! Thank you, Uncle Sam!!!
by Shannon P. Epilepsy August 04, 2006

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Everyone has heard Pink Floyd sometime, for me, it played on the radio sometimes and it was "ok" music, but not my style. It sounded to me like something my parents would love, which probably tainted my view.
Then one time I took some sugar cubes of LSD, and was sitting down listening to the most beautiful, dramatic, life-changing sound I had ever heard in my life...I didn't know if my brain was making it up to accompany my mood, or if someone was singing, or if this was the sound you hear right before you die and go to heaven. It was the most haunting, ethereal noise. My life was then changed, I contemplated every single thing about myself, my life, the person I've become, and the music made me understand all of the questions I've ever had about life. Words cannot describe the beauty of this sound. After about 3 hours of heavy contemplation I asked what sounds everyone was hearing, and I asked if we were in a movie. Some girl looked at me knowingly and said, there's Pink Floyd for you! It is an amazing, original band and all of that, but when in the right state of mind (dropping on acid) it can change your entire life.
Tulip: Do you wanna listen to some Pink Floyd?

Normal Person: Yeah, I love that band! Classic.

Person who has really EXPERIENCED the music: Oh my God, yes. By the way, you're completely awesome and have the most excellent taste in music.
by Shannon P. Epilepsy August 19, 2007

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