1 definition by Shannon in a cube

The mass of art, language, clothing, media and products whose existence is fucking meaningless and the fault of money grubbing assholes. Cultural pollution can be enjoyed in earnest by dumb, uncritical people, and ironically by the jaded and educated. This type of pollution is usually created by industrialized nations. Easy ways to spot cultural pollution:
- the thing up for consideration has a logo on it.
- it contains a meme such as "let's roll" or "real men don't ____"
- it's repeated or highlighted by the mass media
- it's trendy

In contrast, "cultural pollution" is not "bad art," unless that art was made solely for money.

"I really don't like writing corporate advertiser's print ads."
"Because I have to write a lot of self-important, cliche garble."
"Whoa. Sounds like you make cultural pollution for a living."
by Shannon in a cube July 5, 2007