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A tall girl is a girl who is 5'8" and above. Guys won't date them cause they're tall, they're told they can't wear heels, they have trouble finding clothing.

I myself have always been made fun of for being a tall girl. My dad called me "Attack of the 50 ft woman" just for being 5'8" and I'm probably not even done growing yet. *cries*

If you meet a tall girl, don't mention her height.

And guys, just because a girl is tall doesn't mean she's any less then a short girl. Beauty isn't defined by height. And if she offends your masculinity thats your problem and not hers.

Because I was bullied and picked on for being tall, I started slouching and I now have a back problem because of it. Bullying sucks.

"If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all!"

~ Thumper from Bambi

I being fuckin' tall. :(
Tall girl as a child: Yay mommy I'm so tall! yay!
Stupid kid: AMAZON!
*Tall girl as child starts crying*

Tall girl as teen: I hate being tall.
*Everyone in the room laughs at the tall girl*
by Shadowshawdow August 23, 2012
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