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A suburban town in Fairfield county Connecticut. Home to old people, young families and furniture stores, at least thats what the town caters to. Teenagers, or the spawns of Satan as the townspeople affectionately refer to them, have a rough time spend their time at the mall and movie theatre in neighboring Danbury, pissing off the hick town of New Milford, or slumming it in parking lots of fast food restaurants and gas stations. Alcohol and drugs are the teenagers staple diet given the mass amounts of money given to them by their parent, and the massive shift from normal businesses to furniture outlets. Enjoy the gazebo behind kids kingdom, the quarry or the abandoned movie theatre by john's best (or where it used to be). The last one has spray paint tags by a few crazy kids of '05.
Yo we need to score some drugs. lets head to the wendy's in brookfield.
by Sfizz December 26, 2006
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