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During missionary position sex, right before the moment of orgasm, the male quickly pulls out, turns around and sits on the womans face while jerking off into her bellybutton.
Dude, you should have seen this chick I nailed last night.
"Did you give her a Cleveland Steamer?"

No, but I did give her the Chippawa Stinker.
"OMG, did she freak?"
No, she's from Chippawa so she's used to it.
by Seymore Kuntz February 25, 2012
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A degrogatory name for a surfboard leash, in particular when used on a longboard.
"That friggen' hodad pearled his Bic so bad on that little ankle biter than he nearly choked himself with his kook strap."

"Dude, it's only like two feet out there. Are you really gonna use your friggen kook strap?"
by Seymore Kuntz February 25, 2012
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The horrible and huge yellow-tinted crap you always seem to have to take during excersize, usually a long way from the nearest toilet.
Wife: Where are your socks and your shirt?
Husband: In the middle of my hike I got a real gut buster. I dropped a huge golden coil of death in the forest and had to wipe my ass with my socks. And my shirt...
by Seymore Kuntz January 09, 2012
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