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A story that is erotic and makes one horny.
This is a Sex Story:
Brian invited Ellie over to his house, so she went over to Brian's house. Ellie had a crush on Brian so feeling very naughty she wore booty shorts and a button down top. and no underwear. Ellie rang the door bell and Brian answered right away and invited Ellie up to his room. He sat on the bed so she followed, and sat down. He scooted closer to her so there face were right next to eachother. He said "Have I ever told you how gorgeus you are" she immediatley kissed him. They started kissing and it got very "passionate". He started unbuttoning her shirt and rubbing her boobs, while she was slipping her hand into his pants giving him a handjob. They began kissing so passionatley he fell backwards and she was now on top of him. She ripped off his shirt super fast as he took off her shorts. Ellie was now fully naked and Brian was in his boxers she ripped those off too. They both started cuming and he was going in and out of her vagina with his penis. But Ellie felt like she needed more, Brian knew what this met. He flipped her over so she was now lying down on the bed. He separated her legs and started rubbing her clit. Within two minutes Elliie was having a orgasam. "OH OH OH BRIAN FASTER, SWITCH DIRECTIONS! THIS FEELS AMAZING DONT STOP....OH OH OH UGHHHH OH OH! YES THIS IS AMAZING PLEASE DONT STOP EVER! IM CUMMING DONT STOP" He started licking her clit making her give it up to him. She was now willing to have every sex possible...which they did.
by SexyBitchwholikesmyclit June 06, 2010

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