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Dinsoaur is a typo that many people make when typing 'dinosaur.' Some have even turned it into inside jokes. :D Possibly used by scene kids who are bored, or six foot tall boys in Colorado.
by SexehSpencer March 23, 2010

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Kybin is the name for 'Binky' in the language of Nadaca. Nadaca is spoken by writing the first two letters at the front of word to the end of the word. Nadaca is "Canada" if you hadn't picked that up.

Kybin came from 'Kevin' which is my name. When I rearranged to to "Vinke," it sounded like Binky. :D
I velo uyo Gelaan.

I ssmi uyo.
I'm rryso.

Stinju Eberbi nca dan llwi cksu my ckdi. (:
I am a rribleho rsonpe.

Kybin is my emna.
by SexehSpencer July 04, 2010

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