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The greatest genre of music in existence and perhaps the highest achievement of the human race. Reveals pop music for the appalling fraud that it is and displays transcendent emotion and astounding technique. Classical music is characterized by the following:

1. A great deal of complexity. Modulation, counterpoint, and elaborate orchestration are all commonplace. Time signatures other than 4/4 are hardly unusual and melodic development is the rule rather than the exception. Pieces are typically at least 10 minutes long and occassionally reach hours in length.

2. Seriousness. Classical composers and musicians take their music very seriously. Profound subjects such as the salvation of humanity and genuine joy are quite common while everyday and frivilous subjects are avoided. Skill and quality are more important than image.

3. Implication. Lyrics are relatively rare and emotion is conveyed primarily through the music itself. In stark contrast to pop music, rhythm is almost always implied rather than explicitly stated through sledgehammer basslines.

4. Forms. Musical forms such as the sonata, symphony, and concerto make up the bulk of classical pieces. These forms are shared within classical but rarely, if ever, appear outside it. These forms tend to be composed of multiple movements, usually three or four.

5. Instrumentation. Classical music tends to use certain instruments, such as violins, piano, flute, etc. that distinguish it from other genres using other sets of instruments.
Sarah cringed as she heard the country music on the radio and hastily switched to a classical music station.
by Sekais February 16, 2006

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A form of "music" characterized by nonexistent harmony, simplistic and repetitive rhythms, and base lyrics. Rap is possibly the worst genre of music in the Western world, though country music is a strong contender. It pales in comparison to the many, vastly superior genres out there, such as jazz, to say nothing of classical.
The composer sighed with resignation as he watched another customer buy a rap CD.
by Sekais February 16, 2006

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