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Everything we are came from being brainwashed as a child.

When we went to school, it was brainwashing. When were taught from our parents, it was brainwashing. If you were in an organized religion, it was brainwashing. Let me explain my reasoning.

* Some teachings are a necessity and healthy. Some teachings have been proven to be false, outdated.
* As a child, you were taught to respect others, have proper etiquette, listen to what you're told. (The Basics). We all had a different basic teachings. These teachings should of been healthy and necessary. So far, this is who you are.

* You were then forced to absorb information from schools that executed information in completely different forms. Also, everyone had a different level of experience from that school. As far as how other kids absorbed their basic information and how you felt around them. Either you were liked, you were passed up, or you were not social because you didn't feel comfortable.
You are not born racist, it is learned behavior. Also that action he is doing is learned behavior from childhood.
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by Seer_Derek November 13, 2018

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The Creator's Creator

Why do you think the creator of this universe makes it so difficult to find the answers of why we are here? How did it start? What are we supposed to be doing besides survival?

Who is our creator? Who is it's creator? And it's creator?

It just keeps going on and on. Something created all of the universe. Something had to create that something, and create that something as well.

There isn't an end to what has created this entire universe. So with no end, how do we know where to start with our spiritual path?

Example : God has created the Earth. Well, who created God? And who created his maker and so on?

This is where my meditation comes in. If you REALLY try and practice everyday, you will eventually see, feel, and hear more answers that you have ever had before. It's hard to explain what you are going to experience, but please believe me, with practice, you will experience the power of the consciousness you connect with. With my practice you are going to explore, it has nothing to do with God, Jesus, Devil, or any Religion. It simply is finding the power within yourself. Everyone, I mean EVERYONE has this ability and RIGHT to explore this conscious we call "Our Soul" or as I call it my Energy and Vibration.
Who is the Creator? Who created that Creator?
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by Seer_Derek March 03, 2019

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