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A young, aspiring actor who travels to Hollywood in an attempt to become the next big star, but whose efforts result in utter failure.
Billy stepped off the bus, arriving in Hollywood with nothing but a dollar in his pocket and a dream of becoming the next big star. After 3 years of rejection, failed auditions, and lousy bit parts in sub-B movies, Billy returned home, with his dreams of Hollywood stardom shattered in a thousand pieces. Billy thought he was going to be the next Nicholas Cage, but he ended up just another Dickless Cage.
by Sebastian Fairtel May 03, 2011
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A sexual act where the man dons a fedora, throws a pizza over the woman's ass, and proceeds to ass-fuck her through the pizza while yelling "Who's your godfather?" repeatedly.
I'm gonna Herman Cain my girlfriend later on tonight.
by Sebastian Fairtel November 01, 2011
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