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When you shag a girl in the mouth, the pussy and the arse.
He took his cock from her mouth and placed in in her pussy. After a while she said she was ready and he gave her an anal ride, completing his three hole par
by seaminho, aka simao August 24, 2010
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Half of half-caste. When a person is only 1/4 one nationality and 3/4 another. Usually a term used by young bluds and brahs to refer to one of their kin who is of the quater-caste racialisation. Can also apply to Hobbits.
That girl, she's fit innit blad, she's like quater-caste
by Seaminho, aka Simao July 26, 2010
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the juddernaut is the rippling, or juddering, that you see in a girls arse when taking her from behind as she is pounded. Juddernaught is best seen when the girls hips are held and thrust back as your cock enters and the woman is slammed and pounded; or when the girl has a bubble butt.
I took her hardcore doggystyle and saw the Juddernaut as her arse rippelled back and forth, as she was pounded from behind.
by seaminho, aka simao July 26, 2010
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