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A suburban town in Central MA, bordering Worcester,MA, also known as "The Bury". Theres nothing really to do except smoke weed, get wasted, get "Jammed" or be a "white city rat". Sucks to be the kid smoking mids, in a town full of your so called wanna be gangsters and rich preppy ass partiers comes "dank" quality weed as the cool kids would say. We keep it simple either you have headies or indo, if its anything less than that u get robbed for sucking at life.

Hard drugs aren't difficult to come by; we border Worcester for gods sake it only takes one call, just a very small handful have the balls, connections or are stupid enough to do or get them. There are about 10 black kids in the entire town, they would of been better off being white. Theres very little in this town to be proud of. Theres never anywhere to go so most nights end up being trashed in a parking lot, or burnt the fuck out
-Shrewsbury blows theres never anything to do!
-Lets smoke another blunt
-Alright i got 5 on it. again.
by ScrewWhiteCityRats December 06, 2011

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