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Generally thin and tall with hair that covers his face, usually jet black... They wear sweaters, tight sweaters... They attract lots of girls and I myself am quite attracted to them. They often get mistaken to be goth posers and are said to be cutters but truthfully almost none of them are. Some insecure men call them Bitches... Which is really mean because these men show emotion rather than hiding it... Anyways they're about the music they listen to bands you never hear of generally local and of the emo genre... I myself enjoy emo music... Examples of Emo Bands:
- The Used (Mainstream Emo)
- Silverstein (Emocore)
- Bright Eyes (Emo)
- From Autumn to Ashes (Screamo)
The emo boy walked down the road with his face to the ground wearing a pokemon shirt and tight jeans with jet black hair covering his face.
by Screamo.Child June 05, 2005
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