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1.The first man in presidential office that made me stop to think... "WTF has happened to America?!??"
2. The sole reason I stopped reciting the pledge of allegiance in the morining.
3. The only man who fucked up enough to make people in America vote John Kerry...
I died inside when I learned Bush had won a SECOND TERM!
by Scotty Boy May 27, 2005

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An Actually good band when you get past the whole asshole part of yourself.
Me: Ok, Iron Maiden and Sabbath are kick ass but that doesnt mean that trapt isnt so go jerk off to some horror movie
by Scotty Boy May 02, 2005

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Refers to a hot stud who works in a fraud or risk management job.
Yo, I was lovin that cell phone until I got busted by that mizzle petizzle.
by Scotty Boy April 24, 2003

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