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A woman who has no limit to her sexual appetite. She is ready for sex 24/7, always enjoys it, has many, many orgasms with no effort at all and is very attentive to the pleasure of the man as well. She is an awsome lover to have if you are really lucky enough to find her.
My girlfriend is a real Lou in the bedroom.
by Scott Smith February 05, 2004

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gis, gism, load, sperm
by Scott Smith July 10, 2003

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When two inconsiderate drivers drive side by side not allowing others to pass.
I wish those damn tandom rollers would get the hell out of the way!
by Scott Smith January 26, 2004

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(n) anything or anyone whom is so incredibly annoying that you want it to go play in traffic. nicknames include: belly; bellybutton; it
A bello is just like a bellybutton. It follows you everywhere and has no purpose.
by Scott Smith May 14, 2003

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