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A town in Buckinghamshire England that houses a large proportion of Asians and due to this the people in surrounding areas as well as the Asians inhabiting Chesham call it BanglaChesh to make themselves cool.
Challyboy: Yo bruv are u up for going paki-bashing in Banglachesh?

Pakistani Gangster: Yo bruv do u wanna go mug some stupid challyboys in BanglaChesh?
by Scorerrific July 20, 2004
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A ChallyBoy is a boy who goes to Challenors Boys School and:
A) Thinks he is the shit because he is able to pay for people to like him.
B) Has a superiority complex because people as a whole regard ChallyBoys as really smart, but as a whole people are retarded.
C) A homosexual who is afraid of girls.
A)ChallyBoy: If you blow me u can have a ride in my porsche
B) Paul McKay
C) Peter Cant
by Scorerrific July 20, 2004
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1.To bum is to love or appreciate someone deeply, but not to be in a sexual relationship with the aforesaid person. 2.Or to fancy somone uncontrolbly.
3.Or to want to engage in a homosexual act.
1.Adam I completly bum you.

2.Omigod that guy completly bums you.

3.Jack u want to bum Ben cos you are a big gayer.
by Scorerrific July 20, 2004
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