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Girls from the coastal areas of the United States, who for some reason decided to flood the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Very easy to spot, owing to their overuse of: Uggz boots (even when it isn't cold or snowy), large sunglasses (even when there is no sun), messy ponytails (for that "I just completed the walk of shame and didn't shower today" look), and anything North Face, typically the Denali jackets or knee-length down coats. They also like to wear stretchy black or maroon pants bunched up around the tops of their Uggz. During the winter, Coasties can be identified by their bright orange skin- they are notorious over-users of tanning booths.
God, she's such a coastie! Look at her boots- it's May! What is she doing in Wisconsin???!!!
by Sconnie 42 February 05, 2006

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