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As It stands hitlers original "Perfect race" consists of those young people of Germany, the Blonde Hair Blue eyed type that follow under his judjment
Hitlers youth organizations, neo nazi arians, Blonde hair blue eyed people are but together the perfect race.
by Scharfschu July 27, 2006

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zoe·m·fo·ga <-- (rele fast)

1. ACCEDENTLY- Your obviously on the computer too much and its late so your typing fast and go to type OMFG as you express how your flipping out over the internet, and accedently hit the "Z" + shift button

2. LITERALY- Its Oh My Fucking God but sence omg is boring u spice it up w/ a little z, yes to say Zoh My Fucking God! is but to sound more delightfuly amusing.

3. RANDOMLY- Ok you know how u say it like Z-O-M-F-G by each letter, well, your walking down the road and nothings happening and all the suddon your stupid asian friend drops to his knees screaming for no reason like someone died (literaly pronouncing ZOMFG like its a word (not by each individual letter) but with sylables) and so it sounds catchy and you start saying it because no one else dose. Its really pointless and it kind of makes people think for a seccond, which distracts them.

ME: yeah i didnt do anything to day wat about you?
YOU: well... um... nm
ME: ZOMFG!!! WAIT YEAH! i saw a hot chick in the store!
YOU: ok... yeah...
ME: yeah? um wat dose zomfg it was an accedent :P
YOU: ZOMFG!!! i like it!

2. LITERALY- ZOMFG! your... gay?!?! *gasp*


ME: i am so bored
YOU: i know me two
ME: *sigh*
YOU: WTF who sighs that loud?
ME: what are you, **ZOMFG!!!**, talking about? i didnt sight that loud!
by Scharfschu July 27, 2006

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