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Lets get this straight. Most of you all seem to steriotype that scene kids will ALWAYS wear skin-tight jeans, which we don't. Their is a brand of skinnies called DILLON skinnies, which are slightly skinny, but not skin tight.

Our hair is not ALWAYS multicolored, although we DO like it.

We don't ONLY wear band tee's. We wear an assortment of shirts. We love jackets, too. EXCEPT such brands as Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle etc. IF you wear these brands, and claim to be scene, LOOK AGAIN.

We do mostly wear Converse and Vans, although there are other brands that we like.

We do have a fascination with cutesy things.

In some areas, people are prejiduced against us "Look at that gay-a** scene kid." -_-

We highly enjoy company an insiders, then again, who doesn't.

Getting 90 bazillion friends on a social networking site is NOT our goal.

We enjoy most kinds of music, EXCEPT country, and its variations.
Person 1: All scene kids look alike.
Person2 2: BS. Our colors diiferentiate us. SUCKIT HO.
by Scenie Weanie December 30, 2010
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