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Organized stalking can include some of the most insidious and diabolical acts one human can perpetrate on another (because it is evil and beyond the comprehension of those who have never witnessed or experienced such malice). In a long term stalking, with the ultimate intent being the demise of the target, organized stalking can include a "romantic" involvement, romantic on the part of the target, but certainly not on the part of the perpetrator. I have recently experienced these things first hand and I can tell you, the betrayal by someone you have come to love, more than anything, is enough to put you over the edge, especially when you realize the betrayal included your death. It is truly the most sociopathic of behaviours. You are more easily led to the slaughter, even by "volunteering", if the romantic i.e. addiction is intense enough, usually of course sexual and perhaps intensified by substance abuse and enhanced by catering to any fetishes, the rarer the better.
There are "cults" that revel in the ultimate goal, blood sacrifice, as it empowers them in a demonic way, which is the goal. This process may begin long, long before the final act, sometimes years, when it is well organized, as it must be done very carefully, so as to be successful and the perpetrators not be exposed. On the flip side, the "pay off" must be tremendous for so many to be involved and so much time and energy invested.
by ScaredNDC March 29, 2017
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