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a person who is hoping to have sexual relations but fails
Ashleigha is a straight-up hoposexual, always hoping to have some sex but always declined.
by Sazwon December 01, 2016

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army of 10 million warrior androids whose sole purpose is to rid the world of terrorist, pedophiles, rapists, sexual abusers and identity thieves
The color of the valley was eclipsed by the rising tide of black clad warrior leprevacon with steel raised to the sky, the purge was nigh and justice swift.
by Sazwon December 22, 2016

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The pack of girls (or guys or a mix thereof) who gather to talk about other's business that be no business of their own.
That pack of bitches are straight Heiferazzi, if you don't want yo business spread don't say a word round those heifers.
by Sazwon July 01, 2017

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