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If there is one place to see how unapprecitive kids in Bel AIr are, it's here. I'm talking about the ones who hate Bel Air for stupid reasons because people are "preppy" or "posers". There are poser kids everywhere, like people who pretend to thugs, EVEN IN CITIES. Bel Air is a very safe down with clean schools, some of the best in the state of Maryland. They are so much better than the dumps kids are forced to go to in cities. I know because I used t live in Baltimore city. In Bel Air people are not all rich, there are both trailor parks and mansions. There is not much to do or good shopping, though downtown Bel Air has some boutiques. One advantage to Bel Air is Route 1 and I-95 run through the town, you can get many places quickly from Bel Air. Unlike what others have said there are no farm sin Bel AIr, but they are in other parts of Harford County. Belair is mostly suburbs.
This page on Bel Air shows even the kids who complain about how much they hate bel air and how spoiled kids are are exactly what they hate. I have a different opinion on the town because I'm not from here.
by SarahG March 20, 2006
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wow he cheated on me, he’s a pbm.

whata pbm, he played me.

she won’t fight me she’s a pbm.
by SarahG March 5, 2019
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