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Ranked #1 place to raise a family.

"I am from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I know what the Deuce is. If you don't, don't bother asking. I know more names for marijuana than you have friends, and every possible way to use it. I've done them all, and made up my own. Everything is a potential drinking game, and if you can't see that, you sure aren't from the same place as me. You wanna play flipcup? Beirut? Quarters? Dice? You wanna get your ass beat? Bring it on. No, I can't dance, no I don't care. You think the enemies of Pioneers are Indians? Think again, they're River Rats. Welcome to the Big House, where we bleed MAIZE and blue, not blue and GOLD, like every other college in the country. I know you know our fight song. Don't even bother trying to drive your car dowtown. You can't figure out the one-ways or parallel park. And we know you're out-of-town because your car isn't covered in bumperstickers. Yes, it's HAAHT in here, and yes, I'm taking a VAAHDKA SHAAAHT right now. At least I'm taking more than you. And what the hell is SODA? It will ALWAYS be POP.There is only one Ann Arbor, and kids from the Deuce are simply a different breed."
Ann Arbor is the best city on earth.
by Sara D November 07, 2005
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