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Sanford is the Mexico City of North Carolina. Commonly known as "San-Trap" by the local teenagers, It is the number one Mexican populated city in the southeast. It is mainly populated by pregnant teenagers, mexicans, drug addicts, white trash, and mexicans again. The only places to hangout are their bitchin over sized Wal-Mart, and San Felipe Mexican Restaurant. The only things you will hear coming from Sanford are crimes and tornadoes. The city has two high schools with shitty football programs. Sanford is the brick capital of the world, and if you criticize their town they'll throw that in your face like it's some type of accomplishment. For some reason they have 3 Mcdonalds, because one wasn't enough for one of the smallest cities in the state. If you live in "Dreamland Trailer Park" you're a joke and if you live near Washington Ave. i'm surprised you're not dead. Overall it's a shitty place to live unless you can rely on Wal-Mart for everything.
Guy 1 - lets go to Sanford, North Carolina.

Guy 2 - Im not really in the mood for mexican food tonight
by SanfordNative October 02, 2011

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A group of hated, over-privileged, douche bags who can only shoot and flop. They get every call their way due to their rat-faced coach who sucks every refs dick. Every body on the team is a cry baby and a ball hog. The team's fans are credited with being the most dedicated in all of college sports, but i'm sure if any other team had a student section that took up half the gym, they would too.
Duke Blue Devils are a bunch cry baby douche bags.
by SanfordNative February 10, 2012

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