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a flap of skin,
that dangles from within,
brown or white,
but best kept out of sight!
Rusty: oh my, what the devil is that lady doing?
Ritsa: (thumbing at her medical journal) why, i do believe she's rearranging her jungle nook?
Rusty: ...and i thought i'd seen it all, beach taffy gusset bunting , that takes the biscuit!
by Sandal-Bag December 27, 2009
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When a lady position's her tropical fruit or hirsute hacienda upon the face of an unsuspecting victim
Rusty: look Jack that lady is interfering with that young man!
Jack: that's not a lady, that's Laura...and she's doing the facienda on him!
Rusty:...and look at the way her gusset bunting and jungle nook blows in the wind, it's a sight to behold!
Jack: she's some girl!
by Sandal-Bag February 15, 2010
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