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One of the many gray, flat, dismal towns in the state of Delaware, only it's slightly better because everyone is rich. Home to many members of an absolutely horrible high school band which thinks it's 1st rate when really it's filled with druggies, smuts, and general failures at life, and is only for the amusement of parents who are clueless to their childs actual social ongoings. Teenage lifestyle centers around thinking you are cool because you hang out at WaWa every night and buy Marijuana, or go to people's basements play beer pong and perform various reputation-scaring sexual acts upon eachother.
Me and my friends went to Hockessin to buy some marijuana at WaWa and then play beer pong because we enjoy destroying ourselves socially, sexually, and mentally, starting as early as age 13.
by San Sebastian January 31, 2005

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